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Misanthropy & Godlessness CD

Image of Misanthropy & Godlessness CD


Our Debut LP, released August 2010.

"Misanthropy and Godlessness is so focused, so intense, and so well-conceived that it becomes painfully obvious that other bands really need to step up their game ... 9/10" - Lambgoat

"Misanthropy and Godlessness rules ... brimming with barely-restrained violence and bad intentions." - Metal Army America

"Misanthropy and Godlessness [is] getting me excited about hardcore all over again. A few minutes into my first listen ... and I felt I was back in 2002." - Lurker's Path

"Misanthropy and Godlessness starts off loud, fast, and heavy, and it stays that way ... the band has mastered their mix of disparate styles of hardcore, it seems that they're on the verge on a breakthrough." -

1. Through Their Teeth
2. The Old Gloomies
3. Unholy
4. Sink With Me
5. Teeth & Bone
6. Graves
7. The Recluse
8. Detach/Withdraw
9. The Fainting Game
10. Non Sum Qualis Eram
11. Rituals
12. Capture & Consume
13. Kicking Rocks